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where I'm shearing with the world my art.
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Small introduction about me:
 I am from Ukraine, have a master's degree in Art (specialisation-Decorative and Applied Arts)
 Art makes me happy so I always open to learn something new and have  big experiance in different mediums - just look all my pages where I present  some of my art work.
My experience:
   12 years  in art teaching;  
      3 years as a sculptor in United Aristic Works LTD;
      7 years Interior Space Designer (Ukraine);
       mural paintings for Cafe "The Chess" (Ukraine);
    21 years - freelance artist (ceramics, small sculpture, portraits, illustrations, logo design, book covers)
Art education: 
 Lviv National Academy of Arts (6years)
Donetsk High School of Art Design (4years)
StateArt School for Teens (4 years)

   Participation of Art Shows and Art Exhibitions:
  • Ukrainian Art Exhibition «Chernobyl Tragedy» _1996 / Kiev, Ukraine
  •  Regional Art Competition «10 years of Chernobyl tragedy» _1996 / Donetsk, Ukraine 
  •  Art Show «The Artists  of  The Donetsk Region» _ 1998 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  •  Students Art Show «Art in Ceramics»_ 1996 / Lviv, Ukraine
  •  State Art Museum Art Show «O. Zabolotnyy and his Heritage » _ 1998 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  •  The Youth Art Exhibition «Graphics of  the Spring» _1999 / Lviv, Ukraine
  •  Student's Art Show of the Lviv Academy of Arts  «Graduate 2001»_ 2001 / Lviv, Ukraine 
  •  State Art Museum Art Show «The Artists  of  The Donetsk Region» _ 2003 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  •  City’s Art Fairs _2005 / Gorlovka, Ukraine
  •  State Art Museum «Personal Exhibition of I. Zabolotna» _2006 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  • Palace of Children's and Teen’s Creativity City’s Art Fairs _2009 / Gorlovka, Ukraine
  •  City Art Fairs Exhibitions _2010 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  •  State Art Museum Art Show «The Family of Artists» _2011 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  • State Art Museum Art Show «Euro-2012»_2012 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  •  Art Show «WOMEN of the CONGO» _2012 / New York, USA
  • Cornell Street Studios Nautical Art Show «Making Waves» _2013 / Kingston, NY, USA
  • CoffeePlanet Cafe _2014 / Ballston Spa,NY
  •  Grand Street Community Arts Show «Winter Fair» _2014 / Albany, NY, USA
  • CoffeePlanet Cafe _2016 / Ballston Spa,NY
  • Upstate Artists Guild Gallery_ 2016/ Albany, NY
  • Wonky Studio Art Gallery_2017-2018/ Ballston Spa, NY
  • Coffee Planet Cafe_2017-now/Ballston Spa, NY
 brother Valerii, son Bogdan and me in State Art Museum, 
Gorlovka, Ukraine, 2006
at work with my diploma project (2001)

ceramic model for ice cream sculpture