Art-by-Ilona - Coffee Painting - Ballston Spa, NY
Original Painting are painted on canvas using espresso as my medium.
It's still smell the coffee. Great gift for any coffee lover for any occasion.
Coated by Clear Acrylic Coating, to save painting from water drops, moisture and yellowing in future.
Check avalability in my new Etsy store or Contact Me whith any question and orders, thanks.

Lovely DrinkCoffeePlanet's Papa Cliff / 2018Amy Schumer / 2018All You Need is Love / 2018
Coffee with Ed Sheeran / 2018Coffee Planet / 2018One Love Forever / 2018Hot Chocolate  /2018
Foam /2018Girl in Game and Imagination / 2018The Charm of Benedict Cumberbatch / 2018Espresso and Jason Momoa / 2018
Audrey Hepburn /The Girl with Dreams / 2018Coffee Aroma / 2018TheRock / 2018 : 12x12
J Laurence Morning StartThe Owl / 2018Pretty Moment / 2018
Merelyn Aroma Coffee / 2018Selena Gomez in Aroma / 2018Taylor Swift in Aroma / 2018