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Welcome to my site-portfolio where I'm showing my art pieces to the world.
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Small introduction about me:
 I am from Ukraine. Got magister degree in Decorative and Applied Arts. I'm working in all mediums and always open to learn something new. Last few years doing mostly acrylic painting and OOAK (one of a kind) Art Dolls. 
Experience: 11 years  art teaching  (last 2 years doing summer camp art classes in community center) I worked 3 years as a sculptor in United Aristic Works LTD and 7 years I was an Interior Designer  in Ukraine (ArchiCAD,ArtLantis, Adobe Photoshop), did some mural painting for Cafe in my native city in Ukraine, working as freelance artist starting 1997 (ceramics, small sculpture, portraits, illustrations, logo design, book covers)

Art education: 
 Lviv National Academy of Arts

   Participation of Art Shows and Art Exhibitions:

  • Ukrainian Art Exhibition «Chernobyl Tragedy» _1996 / Kiev, Ukraine
  •  Regional Art Competition «10 years of Chernobyl tragedy» _1996 / Donetsk, Ukraine 
  •  Art Show «The Artists  of  The Donetsk Region» _ 1998 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  •  Students Art Show «Art in Ceramics»_ 1996 / Lviv, Ukraine
  •  State Art Museum Art Show «O. Zabolotnyy and his Heritage » _ 1998 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  •  The Youth Art Exhibition «Graphics of  the Spring» _1999 / Lviv, Ukraine
  •  Student's Art Show of the Lviv Academy of Arts  «Graduate 2001»_ 2001 / Lviv, Ukraine 
  •  State Art Museum Art Show «The Artists  of  The Donetsk Region» _ 2003 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  •  City’s Art Fairs _2005 / Gorlovka, Ukraine
  •  State Art Museum «Personal Exhibition of I. Zabolotna» _2006 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  • Palace of Children's and Teen’s Creativity City’s Art Fairs _2009 / Gorlovka, Ukraine
  •  City Art Fairs Exhibitions _2010 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  •  State Art Museum Art Show «The Family of Artists» _2011 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  • State Art Museum Art Show «Euro-2012»_2012 / Gorlovka, Ukraine 
  •  Art Show «WOMEN of the CONGO» _2012 / New York, USA
  • Cornell Street Studios Nautical Art Show «Making Waves» _2013 / Kingston, NY, USA
  • Art Show in CoffeePlanet Cafe _2014 / Ballston Spa,NY
  •  Grand Street Community Arts Show «Winter Fair» _2014 / Albany, NY, USA
  • Art Show in CoffeePlanet Cafe _2016 / Ballston Spa,NY
  • Upstate Artists Guild Gallery_ 2016/ Albany, NY
 brother Valerii, son Bogdan and me in State Art Museum, 
Gorlovka, Ukraine, 2006
at work with my diploma project (2001)

ceramic model for ice cream sculpture